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You Know You're a Sydney Mum When...

by Brydie (follow)
Chief Editor, Sydney Mums Group www.brydiewright.com www.facebook.com/DaddyandtheWorldsLongestPoo
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20 tell-tale signs you're a Sydney mum!

How many can you relate to?

North-South-East-West Rivalry

Sydney Crochet Club will host two very special kids crochet classes during the spring holidays that are perfect for children who would love to learn a new hobby.
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1. You live in the Eastern suburbs and have never crossed the bridge to the northern suburbs... ever. Why would you?

2. You live on the North Shore and have never crossed the bridge to the Eastern suburbs or Inner West... ever. Why would you?

3. You live on the Northern Beaches and you have always lived on the Northern Beaches and so have all your friends and all your family. Where else is there? (You can also substitute 'The Shire' for the 'Northern Beaches' and ask the same question).

If you live by the beach, why go anywhere else?

4. You hear a lot about how it's going to be the hottest temperature today in Sydney's West. You live on the North Shore or the Eastern suburbs and have never been to Sydney's West. It's too hot!

Do you need an updated family photo?
Sydney Crochet Club will host two very special kids crochet classes during the spring holidays that are perfect for children who would love to learn a new hobby.
5. You live in Sydney's West and think everyone who lives in Sydney's East and Sydney's North are snobs. You're right, they probably are. They have certainly never been to Sydney's West.

6. If you live in the deep south of Sydney, you probably don't give a fig about the north, east or west of Sydney as they are too far away and you'll never be going there anyway.

This city is soo hectic!

7. You leave home at 10am on Saturday morning to reach your destination and do not reach it til 12noon, because of all the weekend traffic. You have travelled 10kms. And, you cannot find a parking spot as it's lunch time, and you should know that you will never find a parking spot at lunch time in Sydney... anywhere. Especially at shopping centres.

Ah, the traffic!

8. You decide to take your kids to the beach on Sunday morning and while you can probably find a park if you're early enough, you will end up paying approximately $50 per hour to the council for the honour of parking there, and you will receive an approximate total of $450 in parking fines for over-staying your welcome by 15 minutes.

9. The reason you don't go out of your neighbourhood more is that it will take you too long and you will not be able to find a parking spot anywhere anyway. Why bother?

10. You dread finding out where your kids will be playing Saturday morning sport as it could take you up to three hours to get there, especially if it's in Sydney's west.

Who can afford to live in this city?

11. You hear on the news that if you just forgo your morning take-away coffee every day for a year, you could literally save $1 million dollars. Still, your morning coffee is too important to give up!

12. If you do actually manage to move from renting to owning property, you will be approximately 120 years old before you manage to pay the mortgage.

It's raining bills

13. You cannot possibly take out a mortgage of any kind without a 'donation' from your parents, even if you are 50 years old and have your own family - especially if you have your own family. Thank god for self-funded baby boomers!

14. Loved ones say that if you move out of the Sydney property market, you'll never get back in. You wonder why this actually matters. Families in less expensive cities enjoys much more relaxed lifestyles.

15. You take your family of four to the movies and it costs approximately $500 (and that's just for the adult tickets and the small popcorn / drink combo). It will cost an extra $150 to buy tickets for your children under 5 and pay for their popcorn in a cup that has the latest Disney character on it. Better get saving!

Lifestyle - the reason you probably can't fathom living anywhere but Sydney (despite all of the above).

16. You are invited to try a new park by your mothers' group and your first question is, "Where can I get coffee?" No coffee, no play.

Active wear makes me feel fit

17. Active wear is a completely valid form of dress at any time of the day. You definitely don't have to be going to the gym to wear it. It's comfy and makes you look sporty even if you aren't.

18. You are planning to have a baby, or expand your family and you literally have a billion great obstetricians to choose from, and just as many excellent public hospital and midwife services. You're sweet!

19. You consider moving interstate to save money and live more affordably but decide it's better the devil you know. After all, the place you move to will probably be a) boring and b) not have a good coffee shop next to your local playground. Not worth the risk. (And you'll never get back into the Sydney property market!)

Coffee... is... NOT... negotiable

20. If you should decide to venture out of your local area and brave the traffic and the costs, you will simply have THE best range of activities to choose from in this exciting city of ours, from museums, events, day trips, weekends away, playgrounds, local mums groups, play centres, family-friendly cafes and pubs and beautiful beaches.

What makes you a Sydney mum? Sydney Mums Group would love to hear you thoughts in the comments, funny or otherwise. It's a big place but wherever we live, we're not that different.... or are we?

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Do you need an updated family photo?
Sydney Crochet Club will host two very special kids crochet classes during the spring holidays that are perfect for children who would love to learn a new hobby.
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