Where to Find Stylish and Affordable Maternity Clothes in Sydney

As your belly begins to bloom (as well as other parts of your beautiful body), it is so hard to find clothes that fit, look good and don't cost a fortune! And as you probably don't have the energy to walk up and down the length of Sydney's huge shopping centres, we've compiled a list for you, so that you can either buy some outfits online, or make a beeline straight to the retailer of your choice.

Maternity by Dannii Minogue in Target

Image Credit: Target

Target has their own range of maternity clothes which are affordable and super comfy, but they also have had the gorgeous mumma, Dannii Minogue design a maternity range for them as well. The designs are quite contemporary and most items cost around the $25.00 mark. You can buy in-store, online or do a click and collect order.


Sussan has a small classic range of maternity clothes, suitable for both work and play. Their prices range from about $50.00 - $100.00 but their pieces are timeless, and you will be able to wear them time and time again throughout your various pregnancies.

Image Credit: Sussan

Jeans West

You'll be able to pick up a great fitting pair of jeans at Jeans West to suit your pregnant body and they have a decent selection of maternity tops to go with their jeans. Prices range from about $15.00 for a simple tank up to $100.00 for the perfect pair of maternity jeans.

Image Credit: Jeans West


The awesome thing about Crossroads is that they make clothes for women sized 8 - 22, so hopefully you'll find a size for your burgeoning body. And their prices are really reasonable, making them an affordable yet stylish option for all mums to be.

Image Credit :Crossroads


With outfits for all body sizes, including plus sizes, Motherland is like the Mothership of maternity clothing. They have bras and knickers, excerise gear, breastfeeding clothes, office wear, formal wear and more. And the best bit is that they aren't too expensive, considering the stylish nature of all their clothing.

Image Credit: Motherland


Mammaway may not be the cheapest maternity clothing specialist in Sydney, but boy do they have good sales. They have stores scattered throughout the suburbs and you can also buy online.

Image Credit: Mammaway

Queen Bee

For super stylish clothes, you need to check out Queen Bee. They have a huge range of dresses, tops and pants as well as nursing wear and even baby clothing. They are an online store only and have been trading for over 11 years. Most of their dresses hover around the $100.00 mark, but check out their sale page as you may be able to nab yourself a bargain.

Image Credit: Queen Bee

Angel Maternity

Angel Maternity have a store in Castle Hill and Moore Park as well as in the City, and you can also order online. Their clothing is just lovely and their quality is excellent, so you will be able to wear it time and time again. Whether you need a frock for a family BBQ or even a wedding, you'll be able to find it at Angel Maternity.

Image Credit: Angel Maternity


You can always grab a funky combination of clothes from the ASOS website - whatever the occasion they'll have something. Some of their clothing is really cheap and other pieces are on the expensive side - just keep scrolling until you find someting in your price range.

Image Credit: ASOS

If you have a bit more cash to spend on your maternity outfits, then check out these fashionable websites:

Birthdaze Maternity
Gorgeous Mumma
Pea In A Pod
Fertile Mind

Image Credit: Big W

Lastly, to get your wardrobe stocked with the maternity staples, department stores like Kmart and Big W are always excellent options. Another great idea is to pick up pre-loved pieces on Gumtree and Ebay, especially when you need a one off number like a cocktail dress. Paying a couple of hundred dollars for a dress that you are rarely going to wear is a bit of a waste of your money - babies are very gorgeous but very expensive little creatures, so you need to save as much as you can!

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