What Literacy Skills Does Your Child Need Before Starting Kindergarten?

Early childhood educators have long recognised the importance of language and literacy skills in preparing children to succeed in school.

Often children who come into kindergarten with early literacy skills ( sounds, words and language) are more successful learners - all the way up to Year 12!

Children can develop their literacy skills through fun activities like singing, talking and games - so how can you best prepare your child for kindergarten?

Learning the letter names of the alphabet is one of the very first steps of learning to read and write. Your child should know most of the alphabet - including the letters that form their name.

Your child should be able to grip a pencil and write their name left to right. You can start by practising with capital letters and have fun experimenting with letter formation.

Phonics involves breaking down more complex words into individual parts. This skill can be developed by learning the letter sounds of the alphabet and will help your child to read unfamiliar words by themself. Here is a ready-made activity to help your child with phonemic awareness.

Learning sight words is a critical skill for kids to learn how to read. Sight words are words that children are taught to recognize “on sight” (ie. words that cannot be sounded out and therefore need to be learnt by sight). Here is a wonderful activity for learning sight words.

Your child should be able to listen to a story and tell you what it is about. The best way to practice and develop reading comprehension is to read to your child as much as possible.

If you would like to find out more and set your child on the path to success and confidence in their first year at school, please see Reading Robin's fun play-based activities here. Reading Robin offers the latest hints and tips to teach reading successfully to your own children. All activities are created by a fully qualified kindergarten teacher

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