Toxic Environment

My husband and I had our first baby last year who is now 11 months old. It's been a really tough year on our marriage, my husband runs a business and covid has really had a big impact on it. He has had to work 7 days from 3 weeks after our baby was born and I've been looking after her alone.
I totally understand that he has been under a lot of pressure with the business, but he hasn't contributed to caring for our baby or helping with any household duties at all. He wasn't very helpful beforehand either, but we talked about getting pregnant about him taking more responsibility at home as he was pushing to have kids. Even on the random days that he does come home early or manages to take a day off, he doesn't help with anything. He'll play with our daughter for half an hour and then say he's tired and will just sit on his phone all day. I'm getting REALLY frustrated. Again, I get that he is working hard and wants to take a break when he comes home, but it would be really great if I could get a break sometimes too. I have to battle with him to so much as take a shower while he looks after our baby. I could handle this for some time as I understand that Covid is not a normal situation, but the main issue for me now is that his attitude towards me has gotten really disrespectful as well and we are arguing now almost every night. It's becoming a really toxic environment for my daughter. He has now demanded that I come and work at the business as well 7 days a week, as he says if he is working 7 days then so should I (he wants his mum to look after our baby while I am at the business). I was planning on going back to work part-time in Feb which won't be happening anymore. This is all honestly just getting too much and I feel like our marriage is falling apart. I feel like the only good thing in my life right now is my daughter and now I will barely even get to spend time with her.

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33205 - 2022-03-16 12:22:30