Top Tips for Primary School Open Days

What are the key things you should be asking at school open days?

Choosing a primary school for your child can be an overwhelming experience, but school Open Days are the perfect chance to get a feel for the school, inspect the facilities and chat with the teachers.

Anna Novak, Principal of Galilee Catholic Primary School in Bondi, has given us advice on how parents can navigate this important decision with three key things you should be asking.

What is the school’s mission and educational philosophy?

It's important to know this because these values will be helping to shape your child well into the future. The best schools have pedagogy that is innovative and engaging and provides a rigorous and diversified curriculum with opportunities for inquiry learning, problem-solving, collaboration and decision-making.

The Galilee Catholic Primary School curriculum is child-centred, emphasising skills in Literacy and Numeracy where they create an environment that challenges, stimulates and celebrates learning.

How does the school support student wellbeing?

Studies show that when a student's wellbeing is supported, their learning outcome is better. The school’s focus should be wellbeing and academic excellence; these priorities together ensure our students leave us prepared for the next stage of their education. Children also need to feel connected to a community and develop a compassionate understanding of the world around them.

At Galilee, they prioritise these factors so that students are happy and successful, and well placed to move forward in their future as confident, resilient learners in life.

How does the school implement teaching strategies that caters for all types of learners?

Every child is unique and that includes the way that they learn. A one size fits all approach simply isn't effective in a classroom environment. Schools should be able to demonstrate that lesson content is being continually assessed and adjusted to meet the child’s learning needs and delivered at varying levels of difficulty according to the ability of each student.

As an inclusive school, Galilee Catholic Primary School strives to continually revise and implement best practice strategies that cater for all learners.

Galilee Catholic Primary School

Address: 60B Blair Street, Bondi NSW 2026

Contact: (02) 9130 7082 or

Galilee’s next school open day is Wednesday 24th March from 9.15am-10.30am & 5.30pm - 7pm.

Follow Galilee Catholic Primary School on Facebook for school life updates.

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