The Top Sydney Openings to Prepare for in 2019

Some exciting new foodie venues are coming to Sydney in 2019!

Local foodies and Harry Potter fans rejoice! Sydney is set to get a host of new dining experiences in 2019, including a Hogwarts-inspired “potions” bar and a new food precinct in Summer Hill.

While we love getting crafty in the kitchen – especially with the ease of services delivering pre-portioned ingredients for nutritious and quick dinners – trying out new local restaurants with our friends is a lot of fun, too. Consider leaving your homely comforts behind for a night and pencil in one (or all) of these amazing openings!

The Cauldron

If dressing up in a robe, drinking alcohol and pretending to be a wizard is your thing, you’ll want to get in on this. Inspired by London’s bar of the same name, The Cauldron is an immersive, 90-minute mixology class for adults.

You’ll be given a robe and a wand and instructed to create a range of wacky, magical “potions”, including polyjuice and Luna’s love juice (tip: if you’re single, use this on the cute stranger next to you). Afterwards, you could be forgiven for wanting to indulge in a Harry Potter marathon.

Golden Century Group Darling Square

For 30 years, Haymarket’s Golden Century has diligently served up delectable midnight banquets and Chinese seafood (including lobsters and prawns) for celebrities and regular folk alike. Now, it has announced that it is set to open the doors of a new, currently unnamed restaurant in Darling Square.

Billy Wong, the son of the original owners of Golden Century, will be carrying on the family tradition with a contemporary twist which he hopes will appeal to the latest generation of food-lovers. While we don’t know much yet, you can expect some similarities to the original restaurant, but with some trendy new changes.

4 Pines Surry Hills

4 Pines Brewing Company is planning to open up their fourth venue, in Surry Hills. Moving away from the Northern Beaches, 4 Pines aims to help revive the struggling end of Crown Street with their drinks and burly burgers.

Expect an insane feed, with things like deep-fried prawns, deep-fried cheese patties and Hawaiian pizza as a burger option. There’ll also be a decent offering of spirits, wines, beers and cocktails to choose from. The venue is planned to sprawl across two levels, seating about 60 people, with an aesthetic similar to its other bars.

Flour Mill of Summer Hill

Summer Hill’s old flour mill has changed a lot in the past century, going from an industrial hub to a desolate artefact. Now, it’s set to metamorphose into a residential, shopping and dining plaza, with a foodie precinct we can’t wait to indulge in.

While it’s still being constructed, we know that The Farm Wholefoods is preparing to set up shop in the Mungo Scott building, offering their sustainable, ethical, natural produce in an organic café setting. The precinct will operate in a community-oriented, part-outdoor space, ensuring that we get a healthy dose of nature while we’re enjoying our food.


In less than a year, this quirky, London-based cocktail bar became world-renowned for its eco-friendly practices and delicious drinks. It’s now coming to Surry Hills, landing on the top floor of the Dolphin Hotel in 2019. The bar will be the newest venue-within-a-venue in Sydney, sharing the Dolphin’s space but working as an independent business with a separate menu and aesthetic.

Scout stands out for several reasons: its no waste practices ensure that every single ingredient is used (and consumed) and its use of hyperlocal ingredients help to support local farmers and minimise the bar’s carbon footprint. And of course, the cocktails are downright delicious.

While the drinks menu hasn’t been released yet, if the London menu is anything to go by, we can expect lots of raw, native ingredients and unique flavours. Scout isn’t shy to use ingredients such as bee pollen, squash and sunflower seeds.

MOS Burger

MOS – an acronym for “mountain, ocean and sun” – is a Japanese burger giant famous for its teriyaki chicken and wagyu wonderworks. Since 1972 it has slowly travelled south from Japan into regions such as Thailand and Indonesia, and it now plans to open up 100 new stores in Australia. MOS offers a range of gourmet burgers, from the familiar American fare to the Japanese-inspired sushi burger. So while you’re welcome to order beef with ketchup and cheese, we recommend you try something a little different like smoked salmon, wasabi and beef, or seafood tempura on a seaweed bun.

Ditch the kitchen for a night and savour a world-class dining experience in Sydney next year. Stay tuned for more information on opening dates and be sure to schedule it in with your family and friends.

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