Sydney's Best Obstetricians

Suggested and recommended Obstetricians from Sydney Mums Group members.

The Sydney Mums Group Useful Lists are a quick reference to some of the most helpful, fun and important places in Sydney. Our lists are continually updated and cover the best places for kids and parents across Sydney.

Below are some of the best Obstetricians in Sydney, with contributions and suggestions by Sydney Mums Group (SMG) members. Obviously the list doesn't include all the wonderful obstetricians we have in Sydney, but this is a great place to start.

Remember to always do your own research and make sure the Obstetrician meets your personal needs. You will also need a referral from your GP to make an appointment with any of these Doctors.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

Dr Shakil Ahmed

Hospital: Sydney Southwest Private Hospital
Address: 13 Lachlan Street, Liverpool
Phone: (02) 9602 2488

"He was amazing!!" - SMG Member

Dr Indika Alahakoon

Hospitals: The Westmead Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital and Westmead Private Hospital
Address: Suite 108, 9 Norbrik Dr, Bella Vista
Phone: (02) 9836 3558

" I would highly recommend Dr Indika Alahakoon. She is such a lovely, gentle woman who cares so deeply about her patients! Brilliant and smart doctor!" - SMG Member

Dr Naim Arrage

Hospital: Westmead Private/Public & Norwest Private
Address: Suite 18 Westmead Private, Cnr Mons and Darcy Roads, Westmead & Suite 110, Norwest Private Hospital, 9 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista
Phone: 02 9687 9644

"He is awesome!" - SMG Member

"Had him for both of my pregnancies. He was just amazing. Always reassuring, answered every questioned, would call in between visits to check in (I had HG so in & out of hospital during both pregnancies)." - SMG Member

"He's the best!" - SMG Member

"Always knew he was the best."

"Best guy."

" He is the best obstetrician - you wont be disappointed."

Dr Bakhit

Hospital: Sydney South West Private
Web: n/a
Address: 207/161 Bigge St, Liverpool
Phone: 02 9824 3991

"Was great the whole way." - SMG Member

Dr Peter Bell

Hospital: Westmead Private/Public & Norwest Private
Address: 142 Tuckwell Rd, Castle Hill
Phone: 02 9894 0040

"He has delivered all my babies and has a great sense of humor which one needs when giving birth!"

"Easy going, my kind of doctor. He was calm, which made me calm."

Dr Andrew Bisits

Hospital: Royal Hospital for Women Randwick
Web: n/a
Address: Barker St, Randwick
Phone: 02 9382 6111

"Pretty special once you hear he runs the whole Maternity Ward as well as be amazing and attentive." - SMG Member

Dr Norman Blumenthal

Hospital: Norwest Private, SAN & Blacktown Public
Address: 3 Kempsey St Blacktown & Specialist Medical Centre 11 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista & SAN Clinic, 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga
Phone: 02 8805 7900

"Was amazing when my son was born 6 weeks early and in distress." - SMG Member

"Dr Blumenthal at Northwest Private delivered both my kids and he made it such a stress-free experience and calmed my nerves." - SMG Member

Dr Bevan Brown

Hopsitals: Sydney Adventist Hospital and Norwest Private Hospital
Address: Suite 107, 9 Norbrik Dr, Bella Vista / Suite 407, 185 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga
Phone: 02 9680 3738

"Dr Bevan Brown is an amazing obstetrician and gynaecologist. Has nothing but time and care for his patients."

Dr Minke Burke

Hospital: Prince of Wales Private
Address: 48 - 50 St Pauls St, Randwick
Phone: 02 90095255

Dr Ishwari Casikar

Hospital: Nepean Private Hospital
Address: 164 Lethbridge St, Penrith
Phone: (02) 4731 1213

"Awesome obstetrician." - SMG Member

Dr Maria Cerez-Magnaye

Hospital: Norwest Private & Blacktown Public
Web: n/a
Address: Q Central, 210/10 Norbrik Dr, Bella Vista
Phone: 02 9629 7277

"The most gentle, sweet, caring OB you could ask for." - SMG Member

Dr R P Child

Hospital: St George Private Hospital
Web: N/A
Address: St George Private Hospital, Suite 9, Level 3 / 1 South St, Kogarah
Phone: (02) 9587 1075

"No nonsense, practical and was there for you in a heartbeat when any issues arose. - SMG Member

Dr Sarah Clements

Hospital: Prince of Wales Private & Royal Hospital for Women
Address: 24 Blenheim St, Randwick
Phone: 02 9398 2800

"Dr.Sarah Clements is the best of the best." - SMG Member

"I was lucky enough to get a vacancy after someone cancelled their appointment. Sarah is lovely and always has the time to answer all my dumb questions. Highly recommend!" - SMG Member

Dr Ludmilla Collins

Hospital: St George or Kareena Private
Address: Suite 30 / 26 Belgrave Street, Gnd Floor, Kogarah & Suites 7-8 / 468-472 The Kingsway Miranda
Phone: 02 9526 8873

"Amazingly, wonderful experience both times" - SMG Member

"Dr Ludmilla Collins was amazing!" - SMG Member

"She delivered my twins and detected early stage cervical cancer from a Pap Smear. I actually miss seeing her since I moved away." - SMG Member

Assoc Prof Gregory K Davis

Hospital: St George Private Hospital
Address: Suite 45, 26 Belgrave St, Kogarah
Phone: (02) 9588 5133


Dr Jan Dudley

Hopsital: Prince of Wales Private Hospital
Address: 303 Avoca St, Randwick
Phone: 02 9314 5599

"Love, love, love her!!!" - SMG Member

Dr Jim Ferry

Hospital: Mater
Address: Lvl5/22 Darley Rd, Manly
Phone: 02 9977 0581

"He was amazing the whole way and is head of obstetrics at the Mater in Sydney and RNSH. We had our daughter at the Mater and I highly recommend Dr Ferry and the Mater." - SMG Member

Dr Viola Gabriel

Hospital: Strathfield Hospital & Westmead Private
Web: n/a
Address: Suite 25, 12 Railway Parade, Burwood
Phone: 02 9744 7240

"She was so amazing when I needed an obstetrician." - SMG Member

Dr Richa Gulati

Hospital: Hawkesbury
Address: 46 George Street Windsor
Phone: 02 4577 2060

Dr John Grey

Hospital: Prince of Wales Private & Royal Hospital for Women
Address: Suite 15/Lvl 7 Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick
Phone: 02 9650 4964

"So lovely, warm, down to earth, all round great man! Delivered both my girls, so blessed to have had him!' - SMG Member

" I had Dr Grey years ago. Lovely man." - SMG Member

"Another vote for Dr John Grey." - SMG Member

"Love Dr John Grey forever!!! You are the best!! God bless you!" - SMG Member

Dr George Hadras

Hospital: Norwest Private, Wesrtmead & Blacktown
Web: n/a
Address: 6 Kempsey St, Blacktown
Phone: 02 9622 8000

"Hands down the best, most caring and professional obstetrician I have ever met. I felt so safe and supported throughout my whole complicated pregnancy!" - SMG Member

"Very lucky to have found this doctor 😊👶" - SMG Member

"Yes!!!! I second this!!!! Listened to all my concerns and had the most wonderful birth- he managed to juggle 3 patients all wanting to give birth at the same moment!! And his whole care team including Lyn and Lisa, and Rebecca the receptionist, and all the midwives at Norwest." - SMG Member

"He is the absolute best!!!! Was also my OB and I highly, HIGHLY recommend him." - SMG Member

Dr Peter Hammill

Hospital: Sydney Southwest Private & Liverpool
Web: n/a
Address: 6/41-43 Goulburn St, Liverpool
Phone: 02 9601 8282

"Fabulous Dr, delivered many generations including all my babies and all my brother and sister in laws children." - SMG Member

Dr Jane Hargood

Hospital: Hurstville Private
Web: n/a
Address: 1/2-4 Ormonde Parade, Hurstville
Phone: 02 9580 0100

Dr Wendy Hawke

Hospital: Prince of Wales Private & Royal Hospital for Women
Web: n/a
Address: Suite 2/Lvl 7 Prince of Wales private, Randwick
Phone: 02 9650 4050

"Dr Wendy Hawke and Dr Stephen Coogan POWP - husband and wife team. Terrific! Very supportive and give you just the right amount of info during pregnancy not to worry you but enough to inform you." - SMG Member

"Loved Dr Wendy Hawke and Dr Stephen Coogan. Had we stayed in Sydney, we would have definitely gone to them with our second baby."

Dr Alejandra Izurieta

Hospital: Prince of Wales Private
Address: 48-50 St Pauls Street, Randwick
Phone: 02 9009 5255

"Is amazing!!!! After she delivered my first born I had to have her for my second.... even if I had to drive an hour to see her!"

"Dr Alex Izurieta at Alanah Health in Randwick is amazing!!! All the staff there were so caring and lovely. She delivered both my chickens. Couldn't recommend her enough! St George Private was lovely and Prince of Wales was good because they have the program where you can stay in a hotel in Coogee if doc gives you and bub the all clear. Hotel stay is amazing 24hr midwife on call on the floor and hubby could stay and so easy when my toddler came to visit me." - SMG Member

Dr Sue Jacobs

Hospital: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) Medical Centre
Address: Suite 409, 100 Carillon Avenue Newtown
Phone: (02) 9516 1616

"(I'd recommend Sue Jacobs) if you are keen to try a natural birth after complications in previous pregnancies/births and/or suffer from antenatal/postnatal depression." - SMG Member

Dr David Jollow

Hospital: Mona Vale Hospital and Sydney Adventist Hospital
Address: Suite 406, 20 Bungan Street, Mona Vale
Phone: (02) 9999 2977

"Dr Jollow! THE BEST!" - SMG Member

Dr Emeil Kamel

Hospital: Norwest Private
Address: Q Central Building, Lvl 3, Suite 309, 10 Norbrik Dr, Bella Vista
Phone: 02 8824 4998

"He was amazing, I had a c-section and baby was nearly 6 weeks early. He was so caring and easy to talk to. He continued to call me while he was away on his holiday while baby was in NICU and special care nursery. I highly reccomend him." - SMG Member

"Highly recommend him. He really calmed me down and supported me throughout..." - SMG Member

Dr Emmanuel Karantanis

Hospital: St George Private
Address: Suite 7E, Lvl 5, St George Private, 1 South St, Kogarah
Phone: 02 9553 1412

"He is the best." - SMG Member

Dr John Keogh

Hospital: Sydney Adventist Hospital
Address: SAN Clinic, Suite 304, 185 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga
Phone: 02 9473 8747

Is the calmest obstetrician you can ever have, highly experienced and an absolute gentleman."

"The most amazing doctor and person. Cannot recommend him highly enough!"

"Yay Dr Keogh! #1" - SMG Member

Dr David Kowalski

Hospitals: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) and Concord Hospital
Address: Park House, 187 Macquarie Street, Sydney
Phone: (0)2 9221 7390

"Dr David Kowalski should definitely be on this list - smart guy, excellent at what he does, is really caring and funny. He uses humour to put you at ease (especially when I was terrified before my first birth). Highly recommend." - SMG Member

"David Kowalski, you're looooved!" - SMG Member

Dr Suriya Krishnan

Hospital: RPA, Royal Hospital for Women & Prince of Wales Private
Address: Suite 312A, RPAH, 100 Carillon Rd, Newton
Phone: 1300 738 680

" Love Dr Suriya Krishnan. He is also a gyno so have been able to do all follow up and general checks with him. His offices are at RPA medical centre and St Vincents. He delivers at the Mater, Prince of Wales and RPA." - SMG Member

"I would also recommend him any day ! Have had a complicated pregnancy and delivery and he is great with his knife skill. His overall calming and forthcoming personality makes the journey very easy." - SMG Member

Dr Adrian Kwok

Hospital: Mater & North Shore Private
Address: Mater Clinic, Suite 1.07/Lvl 1 3-9 Gillies St, North Sydney
Phone: 02 9929 8688

Dr Sioban Lee

Hospital: Prince of Wales Private & Royal Hospital for Women
Web: n/a
Address: 24 Blenheim St, Randwick
Phone: 02 9398 2800

Dr Rosemary Lovell

Hospital: Nepean Hospital & Nepean Private Hospital
Web: n/a
Address: 108 Derby St, Penrith
Phone: 02 4732 1777

Dr Stephen Lyons

Hospital: Mater & North Shore Private
Address: Suite 106, The Mater Clinic, 3-9 Gillies St, North Sydney
Phone: 02 9955 5888

"Highly recommend" - SMG Member

Dr Anne MacGibbon

Hospital: North Shore Private
Web: n/a
Address: Suite 3A, Lvl 3 North Shore Private Hospital, St Leonards
Phone: 02 9439 0110

"Is wonderful - you feel at ease in her care." - SMG Member

Dr Imad Mahmoud

Hospital: Norwest Private, Westmead Private & Public, Blacktown Public, Auburn Public
Address: Suite 107/9 Norbrik Dr, Bella Vista & 41 March St, Richmond
Phone: 02 8883 4333

"He is the best!!!!" - SMG Member

Dr Marcella Martin

Hospital: St George Private and Kareena Private Hospital
Address: Suite 4, 20-24 Gibbs St, Miranda
Phone: (02) 8567 6980

"Dr Marcella Martin is a rock star- honest, caring and definitely needs to be on the list." - SMG Member

Dr James Opperman

Hospital: Hurstville & St George Private & Public
Address: Hurstville Private, Suite10/Lvl 1, 37 Gloucester Rd, Hurstville
Phone: 02 9570 5599

"Absolutely the best!" - SMG Member

"So gentle and approachable! Very professional and attentive. A great doctor!" - SMG Member

"Second this had a FANTASTIC experience with James, nothing was too much trouble and he is so caring and gentle." - SMG Member

"Exactly! So accommodating!" - SMG Member

"Absolutely 100% agree! Just had my 2nd a week ago!" - SMG Member

" He went above and beyond to support me through a turmultous pregnancy. His team were so supportive too" - SMG Member

"Dr James Opperman and Dr Trent Miller at Hurstville Private. Both very caring, professional and I couldnt recommend them or their support teams enough. Ive just come home 2 days ago from having my second bubs and I couldnt have asked for a better experience especially with the midwives." - SMG Member

"Dr O, deservingly on the list." - SMG Member

Assoc. Prof. John Pardey

Hospital: Nepean Hospital
Address: Short walk from Kingswoon Station
Phone: (02) 4721 1555

"Assoc Prof John Pardey! The man is amazing. He is understanding, listens to you and he is knowledgeable. I know after multiple births with him and appointments with his staff, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I trust him and his team."

Dr Andrew Pesce

Hospital: Westmead Private Hospital
Address: Ste 3, Westmead Private Hospital, Cnr Mons and Darcy Rds, Westmead
Phone: 02 9687 0922

"The most caring and understanding obstetrician. Best in the business!!" - SMG Member

Dr Karuna Raja

Hospital: Royal Prince Alfred
Address: Suite 421, RPAH Medical Centre, 100 Carillon Ave, Newtown
Phone: 02 9550 5766

Dr Camilla Rizvi

Hospital: Nepean Private
Web: n/a
Address: 150 Lethbridge St, Penrith
Phone: 02 4731 3811

"Dr Camilla Rizvi and Dr Bernadette Parry both were amazing." - SMG Member

Dr Vijay Roach

Hospital: North Shore Private and Mater
Address: Suite 3, Lvl 3 North Shore Private Hospital, St Leonards
Phone: 02 9437 3440

"He is wonderful. Couldn't recommend highly enough." - SMG Member

Dr Bahareh Samiei-Sarir

Hospital: Westmead Private & Public, Norwest Private, SAN
Address: Westmead Women's Specialist Group, Education Block H, Lvl 3 Room 3151, Westmead Hospital
Phone: 02 9449 3739

"I ended up with her by accident as I was taken to Westmead hospital to deliver early. She was excellent not only in the care before the baby was born and during the caesarean but also with the follow up with our little one when he was in NICU. Couldn't recommend her enough." - SMG Member

Dr Sean Seeho

Hospital: North Shore Private
Address: North Shore Private Hospital, 3 Westbourne Street, Suite 8, Level 3, St Leonards
Phone: 02 8060 7979

"I had a couple of pregnancies with different private obstetricians and Dr Sean Seeho provided the best quality and personable service to me. He shared the most up-to-date research results and gave me a lot of advice for my individual circumstances. He has great customer service and bedside manner." - SMG Member

Dr Ian Simpson

Hospital: Kareena Private Hospital
Address: 322 Port Hacking Rd, Miranda
Phone: 02 9540 4676

"Is amazing!" - SMG Member

Dr Sofia Smirnova

Hospital: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH)
Address: Suite 404, RPAH Medical Centre, 100 Carillon Ave, Newtown
Phone: 02 9557 2450

Dr Steven Tan

Hospital: Mater Hospital & Royal North Shore Private
Address: Suite 104, Mater Clinic 3-9, Gillies Street, North Sydney
Phone: 02 9923 4222

"Dr Steven Tan at the Mater and Royal North Shore Private. Absolutely amazing. Such a character, lots of fun, great sense of humour, reassuring, calm and in control. Couldn't have done it without him!" - SMG Member

"Dr Steven Tan was absolutely fantastic! I'd definitely use him again" - SMG Member

"Yea! Dr Tan and the whole maternity support team at the Mater where amazing" - SMG Member

"Yes an excellent Dr" - SMG Member

"He was amazing and caring!"

Dr Steven Thou

Hospital: St George Public & Private, Hurstville Private, Bankstown/Lidcombe Public
Address: Lvl 4, 4 Hogben St, Kogarah
Phone: 02 8065 4888

"He is so caring and was absolutely amazing. Took his time with my cesarean and came to visit everyday to check on me and bub. Cannot thank him and his staff enough." - SMG Member

"An ob that tries everything to give you what you want. But if he thinks it's not achievable tells you empathetically and factually why. I had two very complicated deliveries (one with twins) and I honestly believe that if he wasn't my doctor things could have ended very differently for me." - SMG Member

"How good is he. I absolutely loved him." - SMG Member

Dr Janet Vaughan

Hospital: North Shore Private
Address:128 Penshurst St Willoughby
Phone: 02 9958 2100

" Has her room at Willoughby, delivers at NSP, does her own scans and is a very experienced sonographer herself. Very caring with great bedside manner but most importantly extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I had a difficult pregnancy with her and her knowledge and existence were invaluable, she even acted as our paed. at the hospital as the actual paed. was out of his depth with our case. Highly recommended female OB (she has 4 kids herself)." - SMG Member

Dr Thi Vo

Hospital: Cabramatta
Address: 117C Cabramatta Road, Cabramatta
Phone: 02 9755 9277

"She is amazing!" - SMG Member

"She's an awesome doctor." - SMG Member

Dr Mathew Wilson

Hospital: Norwest Private, westmead Public & Private, Blacktown, SAN
Address: Suite 304/ Lvl3 Q Central Building, 10 Norbrik Dr, Bella Vista
Phone: 02 9680 9669

"Extremely kind, relaxed, knowledgeable and supportive. I highly recommend him." - SMG Member

"He has delivered all 3 of my babies and in early miscarriages. Couldn't think more highly of him. Pity we don't need any more appointments as our family is complete." - SMG Member

"Our boy Wilson made the list. Bloody legend!!!"

Dr Peter Wood

Hospital: The San
Address: Wahroonga Specialist Centre, Suite 11, 176 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga
Phone: 02 9487 2622

"He was amazing and his nurse Ally is a doll! The midwives at The San were just the bomb, so patient and kind!" - SMG Member

"His offices are based across the road from the SAN in Wahroonga, can't get better! Ally and Merilyn are awesome too!" - SMG Member

Dr Sarah Woodbury

Hospital: Mater & North Shore Private
Address: Lvl5, 22 Darly Rd, Manly & Shop 8, 210 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest
Phone: 02 9977 6918

"Dr Sarah Woodbury and Dr Evelyn Chia. The Mater. Absolutely amazing Drs they looked after me so well with my second child. My first labour was absolutely traumatic and definitely lack of duty of care. So thankful I picked these Drs second time." - SMG Member

Dr Queeny Wong

Hospital: St George Private
Web: n/a
Address: Suite 7, Lvl 4, 1 South St. Kogarah
Phone: 02 9588 4725

"Dr Queeny Wong is the best!"

"Go Queeny!"


Obviously not everyone uses an Obstertrician and our SMG Mums loved the caring Midwives at:

Ryde Hospital:
"Midwives were amazing! They took care of me from start to finish. We had an amazing natural birth. It was incredible." - SMG Member

St George Public:
"Midwives are epic!" - SMG Member

"I agree that the midwives at St George Public are fantastic, I had my first there, as a public patient, and my twins as a private patient, but they treated everyone the same and are so lovely." - SMG Member

Westmead Public:
"I didn't need an amazing doctor because I had an amazing midwife through the Westmead Midwifery Caseload Program!" - SMG Member

Royal North Shore Public:
"RNSW midwifery group practice. experience. ..and free" - SMG Member

North Shore have the best both midwives and delivery room doctors and nurses great...for emergency c section as well...They don't kick you out either till you're confident" - SMG Member

"I spent time with my first pregnancy at royal north shore after my waters broke at 22 weeks and the while I had the fight of my life to keep my baby well and healthy inside me it also felt like the midwives and nurses were fighting alongside me. Every day kept inside was a milestone celebrated. I sadly lost my battle and my little girl born too early at 23 weeks and once again the support shown helped get me through. Giving birth to a baby I knew wasn't going to survive was done so with the most beautiful team of doctors and nurses and I still cry thinking of how special they made that time for me and my partner. So my vote all the way is royal north shore." - SMG Member

Canterbury Hospital:
"Had my 3 kids there and have absolutely no complaints on their service. They were amazing throughout my pregnancies and deliveries... they made sure bub and mum were ok before discharge." - SMG Member

Hornsby Hospital:
"I am in love with my midwife care at Hornsby Hospital! They've been totally accommodating, and always go above and beyond. Such a win for a first time mum!" - SMG Member

"I gave birth at Hornsby Hospital and they were great. Their midwife service for 2 weeks post discharge is fabulous and extremely helpful. They encourage breastfeeding and the staff is very polite and helpful." - SMG Member

Hurstville Private Hospital:
"Hurstville Private Hospital is the best! There was one night where the midwife gave us a few hours to sleep on our own by takin her out coz we were so distressed over my baby cryin coz of colic." - SMG Member

"I had my two babies at The San in Wahroonga. Fantastic experience both times with my brilliant obstetrician and the wonderful team of midwives. The best service on offer was the free baby sitting, which allowed my husband and I to leave our babies (both times) with the midwives and go out on a dinner date one night. Such a great service to tske advantage of since dinner dates are far and few between once you're home with a baby." - SMG Member

"RPA was a great first experience for me. There are 2 choices which is the birth centre and labor ward. Birth centre is more of a relaxed birth for people wanting natural or water births as the baths there are very big and comfy. Labor ward more for high risk or those who opted for taking epidural the midwifes are great especially when you need that extra bit of encouragement."

If you would like to know what Hospitals in Sydney our Sydney Mums Group members love, read our Useful List of Sydney's Best Private & Public Hospitals

Updated with SMG Member Facebook Comments as of March 2018. Please leave a comment with this story if you would like to recommend your favourite obstetrician or midwife service, to be added to the list.

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