Should we see a doctor?

I'm really hoping for some advice on what to do? I have a 14-year-old boy that is becoming really angry all the time. When my husband and I ask him to do something like put his cup in the sink it is always an argument. He talks back he tries to get the upper hand and tell us what he will be doing and when. He lies and always says he didn't do it when we all know he did. Then he carries on like a massive victim. This is really silly for example he lies about leaving his towels on the floor in the bathroom. Or empty wrappers left in the fridge when he just ate something bought for him. Things he doesn't need to hind from us. The PlayStation was a big issue with his aggression and lack of respect to myself and my husband. So I decided to restrict him to playing only on the weekends. He was not doing any homwork and he normally trains for sport but has had a few months off due to a long recovering injury. This was a set back and gave hime extra free. time as he was not busy training a few nights a week. When we ask him to get ready for bed or hand his phone in he carries on like we are abusing him or something.
We are only calmly asking him to get ready to stop what he is doing and he creates a big drama out of the situation. My husband is becoming worried as he his a big strong 14 year old and the situation is starting to get out of hand with him all the time. I have even had to ask him to put head phones on in the car while driving to school with his older sister and I. This is because he is just so unpleasant to us all mumbling under his breath, or interrupting . I've explained if he can't interact with us without been critical he is not welcome to join the conversation. Would you see a doctor about this behaviour or ride it out? I think he has anger management issues and needs help dealing with how to interact with us at home. Some helpful advice is very welcome.

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33094 - 2022-03-16 12:22:10