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I’m always on the hunt for a pair of decent shoes for my daughter. As much as I love the price tag on the shoes from your regular budget walk-in stores, I find myself being drawn back to online stores with a much larger selection to choose from. Unfortunately, kids outgrow shoes very quickly and I find they can be extremely expensive! So to overcome this I usually shop the sale items and I don’t buy too many unnecessary pairs of shoes.

Here are some of my favourite online stores that have an on-trend collection of shoes catering for newborns, pre-walkers, all the way through to toddler years.


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I have only just recently discovered the world of Bobux. How could I have not known about these guys? I must have been living under a rock! Bobux pride themselves in being all about safe footwear for young soles. Their shoes are beautifully designed and are extremely stylish that will even make you go green with envy. These leather shoes come in an array of styles for all seasons for girls, boys and unisex. They also cover a wide range of sizes from newborn/prewalkers through to pre-schoolers. Their price bracket is top of the range but you can always snag a bargain when they have a sale on.


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The range of shoes available from Lifestyle Brands Co. has increased since I bought my babies first pre-walker shoes. Based in Melbourne, they offer a variety of leather moccasin footwear ranging from boots, sandals and moccasins. For all you mamas out there that would love to have matching shoes with your little one, Lifestyle Brands also have a cute range of mummy shoes to match! Just recently they also launched their “Monogram Shoe” range allowing you to personalise the shoe with your child's initials. Pretty cool huh!? These guys are worth checking out if you are after something a little more affordable.

Pretty Brave

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Designed in New Zealand, these shoes are extremely stylish for little feet. Catering mainly for babies through to pre-walker, Pretty Brave have cute designs in sandals, slip-ons, moccasins, boots, and my favourite, Espadrilles! For older kids they only have one style of shoe available so they are predominately great for newborns and pre-walkers/walkers.

Stomp Footwear

Based in Mosman, this shopfront store has a variety of shoe brands available. If Mosman is too far to get to, never fear, you can also purchase online. They stock brands such as Bobux, Adidas, Puma, Keds and sketches to name a few. No matter what shoe your little one needs, these guys are sure to have them!

Tiddlers Kids

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Catering for big kids, little kids and infants, you are bound to find a shoe here at a reasonable price. I have my eye on the “Scruffy Dog Buddy Sandals” (pictured) for my daughters summer footwear collection!

Chooze Shoes

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All I can say is WOW…..the shoes that Chooze have designed are colourful, creative & ooze confidence. For these guys it’s all about allowing our kids to be expressive, individual and above all, confident! Personally, I see my shoes as an expression of who I am as an individual and I believe that the hidden theory behind the designs of “Chooze” shoes is a great one! My daughter will definitely be “choozing” a pair in the future.

Skeanie Shoes for Kids

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Another company worth mentioning is Skeanie. If you are looking for an alternative to Bobux, check these guys out! They have a great range of Mary Jane shoes for girls and the unisex sandal range is also worth a mention.

Happy shopping!


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