One 'Must Have' For Motherhood

With the prevalence of social media it is very easy to spend a good part of our pregnancies browsing online for baby clothes, spending hours researching different prams, cots, co-sleepers and bassinets, whether we should use muslin swaddle wraps or organic cotton zip up swaddles and disposable or reusable nappies ( just to name a few of the things that can consume our minds while pregnant… I am guilty!)

There is one very important ‘must have’ however that can often be overlooked as it is not always something you realise you really need until after your baby is born(again..guilty!). What I am referring to is support networks.

Surrounding yourself with people that are willing to listen, share ideas and advice in a non judgmental way is invaluable for your emotional wellbeing. Building these networks up while pregnant or even while trying to conceive and then continuing to build upon these once the baby is born is a great idea. (Some support networks such as mothers groups are not available until after your baby is born so it is never too late to seek out support).

Organising something as casual as a regular coffee date with someone you enjoy spending time with can be all you need to work through any worries and anxieties, share your highs and lows or just a chance to get out of the house and talk about anything but your pregnancy, birth or baby.

We are really spoilt for choice in Sydney and surrounds so why not make the most of the opportunities we have to build our support? There is everything from pregnancy or postnatal yoga class, knitting groups ,art classes, childbirth and parenting classes, mum meet-up groups, prenatal and postnatal retreats to professional pregnancy and postpartum support centre’s.

Taking some time off from browsing for your babies’ ‘must have’ items and instead researching and establishing some connections for yourself before your baby arrives or soon after may leave you feeling less stressed and isolated as a parent in the long term.

Do you have any support networks, groups or activities in Sydney that you can you recommend to other Mums or Mums to be? If so please leave a comment.

For a comprehensive list of professional parenting support services you can visit Families NSW.


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