myMedKit: Stay Home and Get Your Medications Delivered Instead

Stay home and reducing the risk of catching a virus or infection - get your meds delivered to your door.

It is a challenge to a medical centre or pharmacy at the best of times when you or your child is unwell, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made things just that little bit harder. With cases of the virus recently being diagnosed at medical centres and pharmacies, heading out of the house to see a doctor for a prescription or over-the-counter products is the last thing you want to do.

We have all heard how serious COVID-19 is. A child who catches COVID-19 can suffer complications of the disease later on in life, so it makes sense to avoid places where you may be exposed to the virus. Research has shown that severe childhood respiratory illnesses however can 'scar' the lungs, putting children at risk of illness later in life.

Just one infection at a day care centre or school can put everyone in the community at risk, especially children and adults with a compromised immune system. The best place to be is at home, where the chances of getting sick are minimal.

The message to stay home as much as possible is loud and clear. Thankfully, businesses and services are doing their bit to accommodate the logistics of housebound families.

myMedKit is a service that will bring medication and healthcare products to you. This on-demand prescription delivery app brings your medication and over-the-counter items to your door with just a few clicks of a button, meaning you can stay home, and stay safe with your children and minimise the risk of infection.

The service aims to improve poor patient experiences, such as waiting hours to see a doctor at a clinic, which is the last place you want to be during this pandemic. You are surrounded by other sick people, then have to wait in line at the pharmacy for the medication you need - all at the risk of catching a virus or other infection.

Download the app [link here.]

myMedKit is a dedicated team with your wellbeing as their top priority. They operate from 9am to 11pm daily, 7 days a week, meaning convenient access to your healthcare needs, plus no more sitting in a medical centre or lining up at the pharmacy for your health care needs.

They partner only with trusted pharmacies such as Amcal, Guardian and Sigma Healthcare.

You can also choose to have your prescriptions on file, making it easy to keep track of your medications and repeats from your mobile phone and have whatever you need delivered to your door.

How does it work?

  • Download the myMedKit app to your phone or table
  • Order what you need through the app
  • Order is then assigned to the closest, nearby partner pharmacy
  • Pharmacy accepts and prepares order, confirming delivery time to the customer
  • myMedKit assign order to driver
  • Driver verifies all items and customer receives live tracking notification
  • Order is received by the customer and you can be on your way to wellness.

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    What do customers say?

    “This is the best idea, especially for mums…I kept forgetting to get an ointment for my little boy’s eye and now I can order it while my kids are napping and it will be delivered to my door this afternoon.” - Deanna, parent

    Stay home, and stay safe. Don't risk a trip to the doctors or pharmacy with your child in tow. Simply download the app here and feel better without the hassle and stress of leaving the house.

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