Musical Story Time: Podcast for Kids

Your free and fun answer to screen free time

[Link Musical Story Time] is a brand new podcast for children aged 2 years and over. Each episode is 8-15 minutes in length, making it the perfect screen free experience for your little ones at home, in the car or as you work or run errands.

Each Musical Story Time episode features a classic story (think The Little Mermaid or Jack and the Beanstalk), catchy original songs, and a simple lesson. They will keep your kids engaged and delighted, and are the perfect way to entertain them without using screens, in a creative and fun way.

The stories are told with energetic voice characterisations, funny sound effects and fantastic musical accompaniment.

The lessons in each episode provides an interactive platform for children to learn vocabulary, songs, simple phrases and moral lessons about how to behave in the world.

The podcast was created by Sandra and Michael, two world class performers who have witnessed a changing landscape this year in terms of live children’s entertainment.

They were developed after speaking to many educators, parents and teachers, and are already being played in Kindergartens in many major cities around the world, with fantastic responses from kids and adults alike.

The great news for parents, babysitters and educators is that the podcast is free of charge!

How Do I Access The Podcast?

You can stream the podcast online through PodBean [Link here].

There is also a blog page on the website to download free printable activity sheets to accompany each episode. You can access these activity sheets [Link here].

Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so you get all the latest news about Musical Story Time. New episodes are released fortnightly for the rest of this year.

Music Albums of songs from the podcasts are also available to stream or purchase online so your child can sing the songs and continue their musical development. You can access these [Link here].

I love to play these podcasts for my three year old now that he doesn't nap. Maybe you could too!

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[INTRO Musical Story Time is a free podcast created just for children aged 2 years and over.

Each episode features a classic story, catchy original songs, and a lesson to be learned, making it the ultimate screen free entertainment to delight your kids for hours.

Plus there are free printable activity sheets to accompany each episode.]

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