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Learning is an integral part of a child’s development, not only in school settings but also at home. For this reason I am always on the lookout for unique, easy and fun learning resources I can use at home to support learning.

So, if you are after something a little different or need a great gift for a special little person, below is a list of some awesome Australian online stores that have a range of resources worth checking out!

Two Little Ducklings

Image Credit: Pinterest (uploaded by youngwillow.com.au - Two Little Ducklings)

Two Little Ducklings is owned by an Australian Designer mum. Her educational resources include flash cards, snap & memory game, educational posters and height charts. I love that her designs are fun, bright and gender neutral. If you are after something simple yet unique, they are worth checking out.

Tinta Crayons

Image Credit: Pinterest

These guys know how to make crayons FUN! Two Melbourne mums have found a way to make crayons that are safe and environmentally friendly. Did I mention each crayon is hand poured!? So how are these crayons different to any other? They are available in all different shapes to help encourage imaginative play and drawing. Some of the shapes available are insects, garden fairies, robots and dinosaurs. You can even order your name in a crayon set, which would have to be my favourite of the lot! If your little one loves drawing, this is a must have!

We Are Squared

If you are after trendy charts, “We Are Squared” is the place to visit. Their charts are wonderfully designed so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your child’s décor. Aimed at kiddies aged between 7 – 12, the charts focus on educational topics such as multiplication table, periodic table, solar system and the human body. Parents themselves might even learn a thing or two!

Ash Berry Lane

Ash Berry Lane know how to take flash cards to the next level. Better known as “L'alphabet des Animaux” these flash cards ooze beautifully designed animal illustrations packed in a gorgeous gift box. What makes these different is on the back of the card, the animals name is translated into 6 different languages! These are a great resource to increase children’s vocabulary and expose them to different languages of the world.

Little Monkee Moos

If your little one has a love for all things animals, Little Monkee Moos is the place to be. Upon visiting their site I was immediately distracted by the bright and cheerful animal inspired cushions, until I remembered I was supposed to be looking at their learning resources! Apart from cushions, they have beautifully designed flash cards, alphabet flip books, learning posters and memory cards. Worth a look.


Image Credit: Pinterest

Based in Townsville, QLD, this boutique online stationary store offers a wide range of educational tools for kids. They have 4 different kinds of flash cards and 3 kinds of educational posters. Their prices are reasonable, designs are perfect for little eyes and the amount of learning you can achieve with these products is astounding! It’s your one stop shop for your early educational needs.

Empowering Parents

As parents we also need a support network to point us in the right direction with educating our children. I came across Empowering Parents awhile back and bookmarked their website for future reference. They offer a range of online resources available to parents to download. There are also some great tips and tricks you may find helpful.

Happy learning!


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