Glowing Skin with Natural Skincare Products - Earth:en

Glowing Skin with Natural Skincare Products - Earth:en

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Posted 2023-10-05 by Mia Hajjefollow
In the heart of North Queensland, two pharmacists, Paul and Charlene Keller, have embarked on a mission to celebrate the pristine Australian landscape and the hands that nurture it. Their brainchild, Earth:en, is more than just a skincare brand; it's a tribute to the country's rich natural resources and a testament to ethical, sustainable practices.

The Ethical Foundation
At the core of Earth:en's philosophy is a commitment to ethics and quality. The Kellers believe that exceptional skincare starts with superior ingredients, and they've made it their mission to harness the nourishing power of native Australian fruits and botanicals, sourced directly from local farmers. From the lush tropical produce of North Queensland, these ingredients find their way into Earth:en's range of skincare products, which are free from cruelty, toxins, and harmful chemicals. This dedication to ethical practices extends from farm to face, making Earth:en's formulas not only sustainable but also vegan and sensitive-skin friendly.

A Sustainable Promise
Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for Earth:en; it's an integral part of their DNA. The brand employs a circular approach to packaging design, reusing materials wherever possible to minimise waste and reduce their environmental footprint. They also use post-consumer recycled and rainforest sustainable certified (FSC) cardboard, along with chemical-free soybean inks on all product cartons and shipping boxes.

Why Make the Swap to Earth:en
I have been trying the delicious-smelling products for a couple of months now, and can officially say I am CONVINCED to swap my entire routine. Gone are the days of my skin feeling stripped bare after the harsh chemical conclusions I had been using. My favourite product so far has been the cleanser, as it is gentle, smells great, and leaves a hydrating glow (my skin is normally very dry).

Where to Find Earth:en
If you're intrigued by Earth:en's ethical skincare and want to experience the Australian glow for yourself, you can shop their range online HERE

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