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[Link First Choice Tutoring] is an online high school tutoring service led by recent graduates who aced the new HSC syllabus. The tutors use only brand new resources that have been tried and tested in 2019 and beyond.

First Choice also offer tutoring services for years 7-10.

How Did First Choice Tutoring Come About?

First Choice Tutoring is an initiative started by Meerae Mulla after completing her HSC in 2019. Meerae was disappointed by the lack of qualified tutors in her area. As she was unable to find the perfect tutor during her HSC year, she decided to create First Choice Tutoring to solve this problem, ensuring that no future student would feel the same stress that she did.

What Sets Them Apart?

Providing one on one and group tuition for students, the tutors work to redefine the industry standard for tuition, by providing world-class, live and on demand online tutoring for high school students.

The sessions bring together state rankers and eager students, to create a safe learning environment where students can ask questions without the fear of judgement due to the online nature of the programs.

First Choice Tutoring provides their students with quality education, that has been tried and tested in the new syllabus.

As recent graduates, the tutors are assisting students with the challenges of being senior students, and acting as a mentor, as well as a tutor. A mentor can assist in more ways than just with academics.

How Does It Work?

Lessons are planned by state ranking tutors who use their expertise to design lessons with tactics that benefited them in their HSC year.

Because the tutors are all recent graduates, they understand that all students are different, so offer a variety of plans and options to benefit all students. This could be a student who wants to accelerate their studies, or a student who want to catch up with their peers.

Tuition is delivered through the use of Zoom, Discord and Google Classroom facilities and is a fun and safe place to learn.

Meerae and her team have been able to lift marks that ranged in the 40s to 100% in a single term, working closely with their students and inspiring hardwork and dedication.

How Do I Enrol?

If you are interested in First Choice Tutoring, you can book a [LInk trial session] online. During the 30 minute assessment and discussion, you can talk about your HSC goals and how First Choice can help you achieve them.

You can register [LInk Online] for ongoing tutoring. There are a range of payment options, both for individual or group lessons and ongoing tutoring. You can find out the prices [Link here].

What Are The Contact Details?

You can contact First Choice by a [LInk registration form] on their website, send them an email to or give them a call on 61 426 002 929. You can also find them on [Link Facebook].

The aim is simple; young people, help young people.

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[INTRO If you are looking for a quality tutor for your child's schooling, look no further than First Choice Tutoring.

They are an online high school tutoring service, led by young people who aced the new HSC syllabus. Providing one on one and group tuition for any and all students.]

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