Embrace your Future with Empower Self

What is your identity? You are more than just a Mum, wife, child, career woman.

Sydney Mum and life coach, Veronica Albert believes that we all have the tools to achieve greatness, and with the power of clarity and self-awareness we can all grow beyond what we once thought was impossible and find who we really are and, and where we want to be.

When we have kids we receive plenty of advice and information about how to care, raise and parent our children, but nothing about changing identity in motherhood. It is often expected that we put our dreams and goals aside and focus solely on being a mother.

We can become so consumed by caring for our children, that little by little, the things we enjoy, our personal goals and even some of the people in our lives can slowly slip away. We’ve been raised to value independence, but yet our children feel inextricably intertwined with us. How do you be your own person, while also being a mother?

As a life coach and founder of Empower Self, Veronica is here as your thinking partner to provide you with a fresh perspective in your life. "I am here to listen, motivate and encourage you to acheive your dreams", explains Veronica.

"Together we will develop an action plan that is specific to you, so that you can begin your journey of empowerment".

What services does Empower Self offer Mums?

Audio/video call.
Walk and Talk – exercise your body while Veronica exercises your mind.
Outdoor Coaching - if you don't feel like walking but want some fresh air, Veronica can join you in a park, or somewhere by the water to explore the brilliance within you.

Learn more about the Empower Self services here.

Learn more about Veronica...

Veronica's background was in Supply Chain and Project management. After 10 years of being in a role she loved she need to resign due to a life changing illness; chronic nerve pain. "After resigning I went into darkness and juggled with weight and alcohol abuse, one day it all became too overwhelming, and I decided to take control of my life rather then letting life control me.", explains Veronica.

"I changed my diet, lost 36kg in 8 months, began to exercise more and even though I still suffer from pain I can manage it a lot better as I am now mentally and physically stronger."

Due to her challenges and sufferings, Veronica decided she wanted to help others, especially mum’s as she felt we lose parts of ourself in motherhood.

“I went into coaching because I wanted to help fellow mothers suffering in silence, we live everyday for our family but never for ourselves. I know how hard it is and I know it’s harder to take that mask off and show your vulnerability, show that you are barely keeping things together. I have been there many times over, I put on that happy mask and kept going while slowly dying inside. I got through it, overcame the fear of not being good enough, fear of showing that I’m not perfect. Being ok with asking for help, being ok with making time for myself", explains Veronica.

Are you ready to believe in yourself?

Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let Veronica help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.



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