Ellen Turchini Doula: Supporting you Through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Get support during pregnancy from Doula Ellen Turchini.

Having a baby is exciting, yet can also be daunting. How would you like to have someone right by your side to navigate the medial system, support YOUR decisions throughout the process and help you birth without fear?

As a trained Doula who is also a mother of 3, Ellen Turchini provides all this and more to pregnant women, no matter what stage of gestation they are at, from 6 weeks to 38 weeks.

Ellen’s role is to offer ongoing support in childbirth education and birth preparation, plus support your choices without judgement. She can also attend doctors and midwife appointments with you to help you understand the advice being offered by your care provider.

So what is a doula?

A doula offers holistic, non-medical support to pregnant women and their partner, and is ideally someone who can be a normal part of any birthing team.

A doula will support the birth option that is right for parents, whether that be a drug free birth or caesarean, through to breast versus bottle feeding.

The role of a doula is not to judge or provide their personal opinions, but rather support the decisions of parents, and offer education and unbiased knowledge on all different sorts of birthing and parenting options.

During labour, Ellen provides consistent emotional and practical advice and support, from early labour at home through to delivery in hospital.

In addition to this women can employ her for extra postnatal support, including preparing meals, helping with lactation and settling. This can be part of a pregnancy and birth package or as an independent postnatal package when they come home from hospital. You can see the different packages here.

Every woman is different and care will be tailored to accommodate this. Doula care is designed to help women feel confident and cared for during their journey into motherhood.

Ellen understands that partners and fathers need support throughout pregnancy and birth, therefore offer information and education on pregnancy and the birth experience.

During the birth, partners can have a ‘guilt free’ break, knowing that the doula is in the birthing space, supporting their partner. This ensures the partner can be the best support they can be.

If you are at any stage of pregnancy and would like to learn more about Ellen and how she can enhance your pregnancy experience, get in touch today. You can check out the website for more information.

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