Best Public And Private Maternity Hospitals In Sydney

Recommendations on Where To Have Your Baby.

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Below are some of the most recommended Maternity Hospitals in Sydney, with contributions from Sydney Mums Group members and their friends.


Sydney Adventist Hospital
Address: 185 Fox Valley Way, Wahroonga NSW 2076
Phone: 02 9487 9111

"Loved this place! It was close to home, the facilities were top quality and will definitely go back there if I fall pregnant again." - SMG member

North Shore Private Hospital
Address: Westbourne St, St Leonards NSW 2065
Phone: 02 8425 3000

"A great experience from start to end with a dedicated team looking after our every need." - SMG member

"Really impressed with the facilities." - SMG member

Royal North Shore Hospital
Address: Reserve Rd, St Leonards NSW 2065
Phone: 02 9926 7111

"Royal North Shore Hospital group practice midwives is wonderful and the clinic there that looks after women who have difficult pregnancies. Amazing!" - SMG member

"I had an incredible experience through the whole pregnancy and delivery of my son at Royal North Shore Public. My baby had jaundice and I stayed with my husband for 10 days unexpectedly. They took care of us, checked on us every 2 hours and not just medically, they also ensured my mental health was going well, as after 10 days in the hospital not going outside can be overwhelming for a new mum and also for my husband. They sent different professional help while we stayed, physiotherapist for my after delivery recovery, nurses often, midwives and finally the pediatrician to ensure we could leave the hospital just when my son was with low levels of bilirubin. The care and love they put in every detail made our experience great!" - SMG member

Mater Hospital
Address: 25 Rocklands Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2060
Phone: 02 9900 7300

"Wonderful midwives who went out of their way to help us through the birthing and postnatal process. Only negative was that parking was always a nightmare!" - SMG member

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital
Address: Palmerston Rd, Hornsby NSW 2077
Phone: 02 9477 9123

"Have had 3 babies there now with no dramas what so ever." - SMG member

Norwest Private Hospital
Address: 11 Norbrik Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153
Phone: 02 8882 8883

"Loved the modern atmosphere of Norwest and the staff in the Special Care Nursery were brilliant when our premmie baby had to stay there for 6 weeks. Did have a negative experience with a nurse who was "amazed" that I couldn't push out my little baby who was breech although." - SMG member

"Norwest Private Hopsital was excellent - I had both my daughters there and I could not fault it. Facilities are great and the rooms look similar to a hotel than a hospital. Staff were all great too. They promoted breastfeeding and assisted with this, but also helped the mums (from what I observed) that were struggling to breastfeed and needed/chose formula. I had straight forward births with no problems, but would recommend from my experience." - SMG member


Prince of Wales Private Hospital
Address: Barker St Randwick NSW 2031
Phone: 02 9650 4000

"I had all 4 of mine at POWP Hospital and under the OB Dr. Ian Hill and midwife Anne Carter my dream team, I tell everyone the best of the best." - SMG member

"Terrific experience, particularly enjoyed being able to stay in a hotel for a few nights after the birth where a midwife would come and check on us to make sure we were all ok." - SMG member


Westmead Public Hospital
Address: Cnr Hawkesbury Road and Darcy Road
Westmead NSW 2145
Phone: 02 8890 5555

"I loved how supportive the team of midwives were here. They allowed me freedom to choose how my little one came into the world (which ended up being a water birth) and provided fantastic support to my nervous husband as well." - SMG member

"I chose this hospital as I had complications with birth previously, resulting with my baby needing the facilites of the NICU which are top notch here." - SMG member

Westmead Private Hospital
Address: Cnr Mons & Darcy Rd, Westmead NSW 2145
Phone: 02 8837 9000

"I wanted to be close to Westmead Public in case my little one had any issues when born, but I still wanted a private hospital experience. The staff were great as were the facilities - would definitely recommend." - SMG member

Blacktown Hospital
Address: 18 Blacktown Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148
Phone: 02 9881 8000

"I was actually a bit nervous about having my baby here as I had heard a few negative stories, but I couldn't fault my experience." - SMG member

Nepean Hospital
Address: Derby St, Kingswood NSW 2747
Phone: 02 4734 2000

"I had my 2 at Nepean Public Penrith and their NICU was a great place for my little premmies. Even the caesarean after care was wonderful I can't fault them anywhere." - SMG member


St George Private Hospital
Address: 1 South St, Kogarah NSW 2217
Phone: 02 9598 5555

"Excellent hospital that I've had all 4 babies at." - SMG member


Royal Prince Alfred
Address: Missenden Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050
Phone: 02 9515 6111

"Royal Prince Alfred Hospital was excellent!" - SMG member

"I had my daughter at RPA 4 yrs ago but wouldn't recommend. Midwives were very slow to suggest bottle feeding and caused me and my daughter a huge amount of unnecessary stress." - SMG member

Other Sydney Maternity Hospitals that you may like to consider (but weren't reviewed by our group) include:

Auburn Hospital
Bankstown/Lidcombe Hospital
Campbelltown Hospital
Canterbury Hospital
Fairfield Hospital
Hurstville Private Hospital
Kareena Private Hospital
Liverpool Hospital
Manly Hospital
Mona Vale Hospital
Ryde Hospital
St George Hospital
Sutherland Hospital

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