ABC Quest: Alphabet Learning App for Preschoolers

Fight baddies through games and learn about the alphabet!

With an almost five-year-old at preschool and an almost three-year-old at home, I’m always on the lookout for ways to enhance their learning. ABC Quest is an online learning tool we have been using that has benefits for the development of both my children.

ABC Quest is a fun, educational app designed to teach preschoolers the alphabet, along with phonics, colours, animals, songs, rhymes and vocabulary.

The app uses a range of games, dialogue and character role-play, with all content aligned to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

It was straightforward to find at the App store and download to our iPad. Login was simple, as was setting up both kids in the app. Then, it was time to start learning!

Download the app at the Apple App Store or via GooglePlay .

The app is gender neutral, meaning your child can choose a male or female character named Ash, who is accompanied by Eli the dog. Eli’s role is to help children if they get stuck at any point, meaning there is always support available.

ABC Quest features an interactive, central storyline in which which children need to help bring the letters, objects and other characters to the Lion’s Alphabet Party.

Along with meeting a different character with every new letter, children will help stop resident ‘baddie’ Evil Ed from taking the letters for himself! This storyline is designed to teach kids emotional intelligence and help them develop empathy.

Children play games to help protect the alphabet from the bad guy, which is a feature my children loved! The games are designed to provide contextual learning - for example, if the child learns about a donut, they get to colour the donut.

There are 30 characters to learn about, and each has their own unique characteristic and personality.

The app features a reward system in which children receive stars, meaning they are intrinsically motivated to perform better. Who doesn’t love getting a gold star!

In terms of learning the alphabet, ABC Quest is probably better suited to my younger daughter, as my older daughter is already learning to read full words and sentences, but there were certainly aspects of the app that my older daughter is benefiting from.

For example, children are required to trace each letter of the alphabet with their finger, which has definitely been a big help for my older daughter as she is still grasping letter formation.

Through tapping, swiping and traction, ABC Quest is also helping develop her motor skills and coordination.

Another feature my children absolutely loved was the voice recognition. Children are encouraged to say the sounds out loud - my girls were thrilled to hear their own voices talk back to them!

There are regular assessments, plus parents can monitor progress via the reporting function. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to adapt to your child’s strengths and weakness.

Perhaps one of the best features for parents is the screen time control to restrict your child’s screen usage. With a default time of 20minutes a day and a ‘Sleep Now’ button, it is easy to control how much screen time your child has a day.

Other benefits

  • No advertisements or brand placements.
  • The app has been independently reviewed by Finland educators (considered best in the world) and has been independently certified by Education Alliance Finland. 
  • Upon successfully completing the app, your child is eligible to receive a certificate from the World Literacy Foundation.
  • It's free to download, and children and parents can explore the first 2 levels (introduction and Letter A) before making a purchase decision, so there's no obligation to buy.

  • My girls are thoroughly enjoying the app, and there are features that are suited to both of their stages of development. There is always something to learn or a way to reinforce their learning, and we can’t wait to meet the other characters and discover more about the alphabet.

    To get started, head to the website today.

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    [INTRO ABC Quest is a fun, educational app designed to teach preschoolers the alphabet, along with phonics, colours, animals, songs, rhymes and vocabulary.]

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