5 Cool Activities for Kids in the Northern Beaches

[Link http://manlysurfnslide.com.au/ Manly Surf n Slide]

This Northern Beaches institution has had a revamp recently and as such the old Manly Waterworks is no longer, and it is now Manly Surf n Slide. Open from September to April each year it is the perfect spot for kids to cool down and slide the day away on one of the many ginormous slides in the complex.

Image Credit: Manly Surf n Slide

Address: Commonwealth Parade, Manly NSW
Phone: 02 9949 6645
More Info: [Link http://manlysurfnslide.com.au/ www.manlysurfnslide.com.au]

[Link http://www.integralaerialsilk.com/ Integral Aerial Arts]

Your little monkeys will love this space where they can combine the joys of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics to perform all sorts of aerial moves on a silk rope. They hold classes during the term and special workshops for kids in the school holidays.

Image Credit: Joyous Wings Photography

Address: Unit 3/24-26 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale NSW
Phone: 0432 387 110
More Info: [Link http://www.integralaerialsilk.com/ www.integralaerialsilk.com]

[Link http://www.quarantinestation.com.au/Ghost-Tours/overview-ghost-paranormal-tours Ghost Hunt at Q Station]

Every Friday and Saturday night as well during the school holidays, you can go on a family ghost hunt in some of the haunted buildings at Q Station. Q station was once home to people inflicted with the bubonic plague, Spanish influenza and other deadly illness. So they had their fair share of deaths in the station over the years. The 2 hour walking tour is suitable for kids 8 years and over, and is held in all weather conditions.

Image Credit: Q Station

Address: 1 North Head Scenic Dr, Manly NSW
Phone: 02 9466 1551
More Info: [Link http://www.quarantinestation.com.au/Ghost-Tours/overview-ghost-paranormal-tours www.quarantinestation.com.au]

[Link http://www.manlykayakcentre.com.au/supball SUPBall]

This is a seriously cool activity for active kids 8 years and older! On a SUP (stand up paddle board) you play this game which is like a mixture of rugby, lacrosse, netball and water polo! So grab a bunch of mates and organise a game soon - you can hire all the equipment at the Manly Kayak Centre. They also provide lessons for all of the newbies to the sport.

Image Credit: Manly Kayak Centre

Address: East Esplanade, Manly NSW
Phone: 02 9976 5057
More Info: [Link http://www.manlykayakcentre.com.au/supball www.manlykayakcentre.com.au]

[Link http://rockhouse.com.au/ Northern Beaches Rockhouse]

Let your kids climb for the stars at this super cool indoor climbing centre. There are Climbing Clinics for novices as well as a Climbing Club for school aged kids. However kids of all ages and abilities are encouraged to climb at the Rock House. And you can also go caving! The site contains 40m of tunnels and chambers that change shape and direction that kidlets can explore. Kids are given a glowstick and off they go squeezing themselves through holes of all shapes and sizes, just like you have to in a real cave. Our favourite thing although is that they have a special Mums Climbing Group as well during the week!

Image Credit: The Rockhouse

Address: 9-13 Winbourne Ave, Brookvale NSW
Phone: 02 9905 6202
More Info: [Link http://rockhouse.com.au/ www.rockhouse.com.au]

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